IMVU is a graphical instant messaging client (3D chat) currently in beta stage with more than 3 million users. [1] The basic IMVU client is free.

The primary focus of IMVU is the ability to use personalized 3D avatars and environments that let the user interact with the person they’re chatting with. Full 3D scenes make users feel as if they are sitting with a friend in a coffee shop, on a Ferris wheel, etc. The secondary focus of IMVU is allowing the members to develop content that can be sold to other members for use in personalizing their avatars and environments.

Developed by Will Harvey, a video game developer and founder of There, a similar 3D virtual world, IMVU members also receive a personal homepage at no cost. Coding for IMVU homepages is similar to Myspace.

Unlike similar virtual worlds, IMVU contains its own economy with a credits-currency system. Partially based upon physical, real-world money, this economy funds the IMVU project. New members are given 1000 credits to purchase additional IMVU content, but beyond this initial gift, credits must be purchased via credit card, SMS, or money order.

The credits system in operation on IMVU allows members to access virtual items like fashion pieces (hair, clothes, skins, and accessories), pets, and 3D scenes. Each of these virtual items average $0.50 and are largely created by other members.


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  1. 11barret11 Says:

    hi my name is josh

  2. samexon Says:

    Hey can u please tell me some imvu cheats and tweaks 😀

  3. GoldenLegend Says:


    If u really want to get free credits on IMVU u have to follow these simple steps:
    1. Copy/Paste this link in your browser:
    2. From there, create an account using any of the avatars.
    3. Download the Imvu messenger
    4. Sign-in using the account u created before and chat immediately for a good 5 minutes. After that you should receive at least 1500 creds. The more u chat the more creds u receive. U receive 1500 creds for each chat u have. If u dont receive the 1500 creds after your first chat then that means u didn’t chat long enough. If u feel that u have chatted long enough and u still did not receive your credits, then email me at and I will help u.

    • jennifer Says:

      hey. i have tried signing up and after i chose an avatar, type my avatar name and then click next, nothing just starts all over again. pls help!

  4. GoldenLegend Says:


  5. kris Says:

    copy&paste those links 2 wat?

  6. 424andrewrox Says:

    Hello… I am a developer (Pays to create items of clothing/furniture ect). I am here to tell you that there are NO cheats for IMVU… This fellow ‘kyle’ Is lying you only get 1000 – 2000 credits for signing up of those links.

  7. Xelos Says:


    hey can sum1 tell me any other way to get free credz??? =======[[]]====[[]]=========[[]]==[[]]===[[]]======== lol its a freeway!!!!! hahahaha ==============[[8]]==[[8]]============[[]]======== lol now its a cop car chase!!!!!!!!!!!! heeheehee

    • iiGetKrassi Says:

      there is no way to qet free credz other than the offers, watching the sponsored films, and takinq kare of your pet!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. staffy Says:

    Guys there are no cheats for IMVU. By signing up through the links posted by these guys your helping them earn credits, which is good way of earning credz so go do the same, get your friends to join up through your link, post it up on your myspace and wherever else you can think of. Just dont go spamming your links on peoples blogs like these guys =)

  10. Jimmg Says:

    copy & paste this link and it will give you lots of creds

  11. pratik Says:

    how do u make a better web

  12. darkestgirl91 Says:

    hi im sonia add me!!! ^_^ DARKESTGIRL91

  13. fallen Says:

    they tryna scam u all. no way to hack imvu.

  14. fire_app Says:

    there is NO cheat codes FOR IMVU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. fire_app Says:

    there going too hack all of u ppl

  16. fire_app Says:

    oo yes there a way to hack imvu but im not going to tell

    • GetOwned Says:

      That’s because you don’t know how. But, yes. Yes, there is a way to hack IMVU. But, an undereducated internet addict 12 year old like you doesn’t know.

  17. princess Says:

    copy this link to your web browser and sign in IMVU. explore the IMVU world, and have fun with us! love you all *kiss*

  18. Mike Says:

    Thats a load of crap. Anything can be hacked. It depends on what your up against. Most of you numbskulls dont even know how to edit a registry key or even know what that is. But honestly ladies and gentlemen speaking as a person that spends 3/4 of his life looking at codes and his computer command prompt, it will be incredibly difficult to hack IMVU to get free credits. You would have to hack the server (which means finding a way to place a worm in it) then not get caught. Then find your account and edit the amount of credit by changing the HTML coding which is freakin huge. And that route is completely illegal and not worth it because its so time consuming. you would be better off just using ur cell phone to get your credits.

  19. Jonathan Says:

    hey everyone on here sucks imvu has no cheats they only have a cheat u can get 50 credz a day if u go 2 the new products page and if u think im lying than ur bullshit hoes

  20. Jonathan Says:

    and u can ask me i hve some free credz i can give away im not scamming i swear

  21. Jonathan Says:

    my avi is jonathandelgado

  22. viper334 Says:

    LOOK PPL!!!! if somewhere u read “go to this link to get free credits blah blah blah”, look at the link carefully. if anywhere there is invatation, or power email. thats an nvatation link, which gives credits to the persons account where it came from

  23. Mackenzie101xxoo Says:

    Jonathan, I really need free credits. Please? My imvu username is girlysweetness.

  24. LiLJonJon94 Says:

    Click On It Please!

  25. egyptianprincess0105 Says:

    i need friends please add me on egyptianprincess0105

    im always happy to help with problems questions ect.

    thanx xx

  26. MissUnknown Says:

    Buuuulllshiit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont click on the links cause , the ppl are scamming u!…theres no cheats for imvu..and they makin credits just cause u clicked it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. emojapanese4 Says:

    ………you guys need ……a……life…………-_-…*whispers to self*so do i……………….-_- okay stop reading this……now!………whatever it your loss for not having a life ……………..-_-………….oh my juciyjuice………………….good bye loser -_-………………. JUST KIDDING I LOVE WHOEVER YOU GUYS ARE!! ***girl**japanese**power**

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  29. Frankie Says:

    click it and chat with me to get cheats

  30. kupid Says:

    those power links are for the ppl so when u sign up they get extra credz there are no cheats for imvu u gotta deal with it or beg ur mother to buy u credz so stop the bullshiz iite pCeSz

  31. Trini1996 Says:

    my name is josh

  32. javaughn Says:

    how can i cheat and get free credit

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  34. indya Says:

    please click im desperite

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  37. john Says:

    fuck u

  38. byan Says:

    click this this is hot u get 1,000,000 creds just signup

  39. tiara Says:

    hi i got a idea just listen to golden ledgen

  40. tiara Says:

    hey golden ledgen how do i email you

  41. meme Says:

    This is kewl

  42. Stupidyisreal Says:

    Hello !
    These people are using you too get credz themselves so whatever you do dont click the link !
    If you do its your problem !
    And Jonathan could you add me ?
    My avatar name is the name that is sending this 🙂

  43. ITS TRUE!!! Says:

    There Are cheats for IMVU!!!!! And now i know it too!!!!!!! Just click on the link below and register and you will get more than 100,000 crediits !! ITS TRUE!!! Just try it and you will see yourself!! :)

  44. ITS TRUE!!! Says:

    IMVU – The World’s Greatest 3D

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    IMVU –

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  47. unknown Says:

    Go to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. codyargo Says:


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  52. Purity Says:

    …………It’s said a thousand times that those links are nothing but invitation links from the person posting it….. and you still expect people to click on them? By now the people reading these should know exactly what a power program link looks like… and that’s all you’ve been posting up.
    Go advertise on yer own damn website or something. I posted a link on my Myspace.

    Ain’t no way you people are going to earn credits by clicking on those invitations. That’s for the other persons own benifits. This really shouldn’t be said again. And you losers with the scamming complex should really stop trying. Go get a job. Sheez.

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  54. Cheat Girl Says:

    um i cant get to this credits so u are all lying the only way to get credits is to have ur friends join and they wont join well omg idk

  55. MrsBloom Says:

    Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everytime I try to download IMVU.. I only get to the point where u type in your info and e mail,.. why~!~!~???? I press ‘next’ but then it says ‘IMVU was unable to register your account’. OMG!!! WHy does it do this to me.. Any help or opinions…


  56. RockerLolli Says:

    Hey does anyone know how to hack an imvu account????please private message me

  57. Klint93 Says:

    There are many ways to hack imvu but they require a lot of time.Anyway if u dont want to try a product in the dressing room or u want to take any snapshot with new clothes type in:
    *try and add the product id.Example if the product id is 444444 u have to type:*try 444444
    It only works with clothin eyes accesories avatars and skintones but for a limited time.With avatars works till the chat is finished.U wont get banned cuz only u see the things u type.Add me im Klint93

  58. Daemicon Says:

    This is the one, right here.

  59. Daemicon Says:

    This is the one, right here.

    Copy and paste:

  60. Anonymous Says:

    Cash Blitz Project

  61. hawispirit Says:


    anyone who is reading this shud no that if they clikc that as if u get 100,000 credits in 1 day|? i’ll guarantee tht they r scamming you because they dont have a life and cant be botherd to buy credits them selfs!

    anyone can add me im hawispirit WHEN I SAY ANYONE I MEAN THEPOEPL WHO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DONT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BELIVE THE LINKS!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Bromlin Says:

    “hi my real name is gemma hill “

  63. Chacha Says:

    IMVU Layouts, Tweaks, Codes & Tutorial all here –

  64. kelly Says:

    well, for you…what is the best tweaking or layout sites for imvu?

    Kelly’s profile:

  65. moi Says: is giving away free credits… all that is needed is an e-mail address

  66. sarahbear1211 Says:

  67. creditcollector235 Says:

    I HAVE YOUR CREDITS! , i knw a website where u cn DEFINATELY get cr not promo but still u cn buy stuff from the catalog, this site doesnt work for me, i just looked for cheats and found the website.want to knw it? give me 100,000 promo credits plz! and ill give ya the website whenever u want,brb.

  68. Cassie Says:


  69. Unknown Says:

  70. shawn Says:

    Name (required)

    Mail (will not be published) (required)


  71. shawn Says:

    this is retarded theres only one cheat that work a firned told me about go to and create a girl with white skin and brown hair make thename end with 4290 and creat it then go to 5 dif. chats for 3 mins. at a time log off then log back on and ull have 5,000 credits then when u do the 5 day thing u get another 5,000 credit wich means ull total a 10,000 credits in one week instead of just 5,000 this is what i doit helps out alot for new players …..other than this im prety sure theres no other hacks than this and the nude girl still looking if i find anything ill tell u guys

  72. rlisha Says:

    dam all yall shut da fuck up dam da people who post them invites only benifit themselfs dum asses juss us yo phone,buy yo credits,invit yo real friends,or play spinfree and browse new product page.but please juss shut tha fuck up wit all tha bullshit and fuck all yall who postin invites dam:)

  73. rlisha Says:

    and if u dont like tha message above fuck u 🙂 lame ass people!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dam

  74. Kyle Says:

    yes there is a nude code i only know the one for girls but its *try 771051

  75. AlastorZero Says:

    There IS in fact a way to get free credits, though it does require a certain amount of effort and use of an IP changer. Simply create a few email accounts, send invites to them all, and IP change everytime you register a dummy account. you’ll get nothing but promo creds so you can’t gift anyone or create your own products, but you can buy ALL the lame crap you want. Though you should sign back into your main account every 1000 creds earned or it starts denying rewards.

  76. fuckwer Says:


  77. ibedatsexychick Says:

    click on this link

    it should say someone invited u. Example
    “Kittykat552″invites u to be her friend!
    then clicl on the ribbon on the envelope.
    when making your person u have to have the black
    skin with the blonde ponytail. thats very important.
    after u make your person u have to talk to exactly 3 people for at
    least 1 minute.talking can be anything!even gibberish!
    after u do that. exit to the coffe shop and take 3 pictures of yourself.
    it should exit u out after the 3rd
    when u sign on to any account after that it will add 7,000 credits to whichever account u sign on to!!i promise this works!and dont listen to
    people,cuz there really are IMVU cheats!think about it…EVERY game has cheats!peace 😉

  78. Kairi Says:

    Well… there is a web that has cheats

  79. Kairi Says:

    and ibedatsexychick, that doesn’t work… I’ve tried it before! unless it’s worked for you and you got the free credits BUUUUT it may depend on your computer system!

  80. Nicole Says:

    it should say someone invited u. Example
    “Catlov854″invites u to be her friend!
    then click on the ribbon on the envelope.
    Than make the avatars so you can get 1000 credits.

  81. ardee01204 Says:

    don’t click the links above..
    you will not earn credits..they will

  82. alwayz2late Says:

    ummm man wtf does any 1 else kno any other try it codes…man just live with it if ur poor and cant afford credits oh well…buuut that doesn’t mean u have 2 trick these ppl into clickin bullshit links..y’all can add me my avi name is guest_alwayz2late..oh and look on my page and then click a girl named yoali4 and then click her friend don…sumthin and copy and paste that message that has a takes u 2 tha credit spin thing…i got 500 creds from that but sumtimes u don’t get anything…ok

  83. xHeartxAche Says:

    ok seriously 2 the ppl leaving links like this: u ppl r fukin idiots & evn bigger idiots r the 1s who click it!
    ok that link is just 4 u 2 make an avi it doesnt get u any free creds!
    it gives u the normal amount of credits imvu gives 2 evry beginner ok?

  84. jaylah Says:

    i need a good layout so my page can be cute i don’t care if it is a high price

  85. ty Says:

    send me 50,000 credits on imvu and i will create your own specialized layout my name on imvu is freshuknow contact me

  86. Kimmiakatwitchiee Says: Try it 🙂 I’m sure you’ll get some

  87. Kimmiakatwitchiee Says:

  88. jamie Says:


  89. Shakria Says:


  90. Jackie Says:

    dood all u guys r fuckin fagits dont listen 2 theses guys

  91. gabby Says:

  92. IHaveHacks Says:


  93. imvu has no cheats Says:

    there r not cheats those invites just earn the other people money not u!!!!

  94. K Says:

    Please click the link to join imvu, or send me a friend request if you have one already!! Thanks

  95. amari Says:

    it seem not to go

  96. MisSsDody Says:

    join now on imvu really cool

  97. Sydney Says:

    All these wesites, like this one for example,, all they are is invites for the person to earn the credits. You WILL NOT recieve any credits for clicking this link or any link like it. Anyone who clicks on these links are not very smart and can not read, look at the code before you click on it, web_invitation, duh! And anyone who is posting these links, please quit trying to scam other people into clicking onto your invite link, you are just making yourself look stupid and causes other people to curse at you. And that is another thing, anyone who curses on this blog is making yourself look like an ass, there is no need or reason to call other people that you do not know, names, it is unneccessary and uncalled for. Grow up and use other words that are not so hurtful or hateful, there is enough of that in this world already and we don’t need anymore of it here on this blog. Thank you

  98. Sydney Says:

    Also, there are no hacks for IMVU

  99. Sydney Says:

    Also, there are no hacks for IMVU and if there are that would be illegal and you can go to prision for hacking any website.

  100. Sydney Says:

    That second post of mine was an accident. Sorry for the double posting.

  101. 809YOYO809 Says: this is the ultimate spot right here click on this do what it sayz 2 do and u will be loaded wit creditz

  102. Destinee Says:

    I HOPE U all know there are really no cheats for IMVU!~O and I f u try 2 invite yourself 2 get more credits HA!~I want to laugh because it keeps track of everything if u are using the same computer IMVU ISN’T STUPID!~so you all are wasting your time and power e-mails u guys get real U ARE TRICKING SOMEONE ELSE 2 GET U CREDITS!

  103. Lesley Says:


  104. Ester Says:

    hey one of my friends invited me to imvu but i camt register

  105. Ester Says:

    i click next and it keeps saying i doesnt accept my request.idk what is wrong n i really want 2 join.plz respond to this comment

  106. DontSayIDidntWarnYou Says:

    I found out a way to get free products on IMVU all you have to do is get one of your friends to go on there computer click start>my computer>c: drive>program files>IMVU>data then copy ALL the products there and send it to you once you get it on you computer copy them and put them in your IMVU data and now you have free products if you have any questions my email is

  107. TB Says:

  108. TB Says:

    yo yall want credits?? this is the best way to do it! just click on this i promise it worksss

  109. ShortCake246 Says:

    hey im a member on IMVU but some how it want let me log on?

  110. xXNanceXx Says:

    What is going on with imvu, it has been down for hours.

  111. xXNanceXx Says:

    I wish they would fix it already.. im still getting sales, which i dont undertand because ive asked 2 other people to visit imvu’s website and they are getting the same error page. :/


  113. iplaynaughty Says:

    how tha fuck do i get naked on imvu ?? lol my name on imvu is iplaynaughty

  114. Amy Says:

    its a bunch of bullshit none of that stuff works 😦

  115. heartsfuryoupuppy Says:

    Will IMVU ever launch a version just for macs? I have an imac and I wish I could play IMVU soooooo badly!!

  116. Jessie Says:

    There is a cheat that works.Not credits thow.A naked cheat.I forgot it thow..So if you know it go 2 my imvu page and leave a comment telling me.Or if I’m on,tell me on there.My name is lesbain2.

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  118. Jade Says:

    I’m a DEV on IMVU, the only ways to get free credits on imvu other than slutting yourself out is to:
    When you sign up don’t sign up so someone else can get credits do not touch those power email links.
    You can do free spin and win up to 500 credits(once a day)
    You can look at the new products page(You get 50 credits per a day doing this)
    If you have a good outfit join the outfit challenge, you can win up to 1000 credits.
    OR Join they can get you free credits..
    Or join any other site like place the add on your page and hope people click it so you get referral pay.
    There are no naked cheats, you have to buy an AP to use naked avatars.

  119. Jade Says:

    I have another way to get free credits, up to 1500 per each time you do it. But this is classified so you’d have to contact me on email or on my imvu site. And yes IMVU was having technical difficulties a couple of times last month, but check their forums they will tell you why and when they need to update.

  120. martyrs Says:

    sorry, incorrect linking

  121. martyrs Says:

  122. Razor367 Says:

    DUDES! do not click on these links! THEY GAVE MY FRIEND A VIRUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  123. Razor367 Says:

    im NOT kidding…..

  124. happy21 Says:

    someone please help me get free credits for imvu im broke my imvu name is sexyazhell21

  125. catherine4255 Says:

    ha ha ah u are all wrong there are cheats but u have to know what to do and if u are lucky they will work i sat here for like 5 hours and got allkinds of cheats go to ur room and type *use 169 or any # after *use and u can get free stuff like shirts hair exc.. ha ha and u say there are no cheats just try it and u will seee ha ha ha ha ha and the #only go to 300 i made a list if buy some chance u want the codes from me and dont want to do it on ur own then email me and i will give them to u ha ha here u go ohh u guys suck!!!!!! ha bye bye

  126. saliorstarr Says:

    hi my name is janette, imvu is a cool site.

  127. Leaf_girl Says:

    Basically there are none…

    plz sign up to play games, and do tasks and offers… EARNING IMVU CREDITS ALONG THE WAY!!!
    here is my refferal so you know what to do. 🙂

  128. RoseBud Says:

    What do you do when your account on IMVU is hacked ;p

  129. Marciskool Says:

    OK u guy are all dumb if you realy think u can get free credz i know of only one way 2 getfree credz and that is 2 go 2 the catalog and look at the new products u only earn about 50 credz but hey its more than nothin oh yeah also go to that spinfree thing and you can somtimes earn up 2 500 credz add me as a friend my name is marcstewart45


  130. Mimi Says:

  131. blah Says:

    Click the link to get free credits you have to join first and then the rules how to do it should pop up

  132. blah Says:

  133. CannyBus Says:

    so many are suckered into thinking they will get free credit cheats by following the links they give, Wake up people, read that link carefully, what they send you is aan invitation from Their account, and if you follow it and sign up, indeed THEY will get free credits for signing you up. (hence the User ID in the invitation) ANYONE will get the signup bonus of 1000 credits for joining IMVU and confirming their email, first chat, 5th chat will earn you credits, but also earn credits for the person’s link you followed.
    you can play the spin to win game once a day and POSSIBLY win some credits up to 500, and reading New Products in the catalog once a day for up to 50 credits. I do not work for IMVU, and I am not giving you a link via my account, just don’t be so gullible people.

  134. 4u Says:

    IMVU give your EVERYTHING to use the site for FREE.

    Anything else is pure vanity, your avi is FREE, your home page is FREE, you get rooms for FREE, and thru pubic rooms you can visit almost any room that is for sale.. Vanity is what is ruling these suckers. Why do you want money? to wear a bikini on your AVI doll?

    Get a life people.

  135. good (anonymous lol) samaritan Says:

    Click on the above! its TRUE!! Why in the world do i want to lie???? 😛 just click on the above and you can play games to earn money to convert into IMVU credits or any other online game! if you dont believe me, WHO CARES!!! I’m a Christian so i wont lie! I also have an account in this site! it REALLY works! i gave you this coz i pity YOU (jokes) coz u dont know the truth… God bless! and Good luck!

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    Get free imvu credits here!

    i mean this! sorry 4 the my previous comment!

  137. good (anonymous lol) samaritan Says:

    free imvu credits!

    Click on the above! its TRUE!! Why in the world would i want to lie???? 😛 just click on the above and you can play games to earn money to convert into IMVU credits or any other online game! if you dont believe me, WHO CARES!!! I’m a Christian so i wont lie! I also have an account in this site! it REALLY works! i gave you this coz i pity YOU (jokes) coz u dont know the truth… God bless! and Good luck!

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    free imvu credits! <—click! I SWEAR THIS WORKS!!!! I also hav an IMVU account and no im Rich! JUST CLICK IT!!! whats so hard about clicking a link??? you TRUST me! 😐 THIS IS NNNOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTT SPAM!!!! you can punish me if it doent work (lol)! BUT IM 100% SSUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURREEEEE!!!!!

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  140. kat Says:

    HI pplz!ive got some ways 2 earn credits like cheats!here it is. *use 169 or any #after *use. u will earn cool stuff! bye!!! =)

  141. good (anonymous lol) samaritan Says:

  142. Dutchqueens Says:

    Hey I was reading all of ur stories and thoughts well’ looking for a larger avi pic for imvu any one willing to help i will send there Avi 2 outfits plus 500cr so please someone try to look out iight later pplz Ps: THERE IS NO CHEAT TO IMVU i’m a member since last yr some time trust me u earn all u get unless u know the owner’s of imvu u get nuttin for free except when u start it and free spin and also 50cr for new products look up thats’ it so pplz trust me i’m on everyday! iight Dutchqueens coe check me iight Flyygirlz r us! is mu group come holla All Flyygurlz

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